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Wouldn’t it be great if your outgoing phone number, the number your customers dial, and the number you advertise were all the same phone number? With VoIP Xchange 360, it’s possible! Our communications systems make it so that whenever anyone in your business makes an outgoing call, whether in office or on a mobile device, the number appears as one universal phone number that you choose. No more memorizing or writing down specific phone numbers to give to clients or having frustrated clients receiving calls from the same business at different numbers. Simplify your business with VoIP Xchange One, only at VoIP Xchange 360.


Why Choose VoIP Xchange One Services?

  • Make it easier for employees and clients with one universal phone number

  • Have your outgoing number be the same regardless of the device you are calling from

  • Clients call one number that’s routed through the Hosted Voice interface

  • Transfer calls from device to device without any disconnecting or interruption

  • Save time and money on your communication services

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Simplify Systems


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Transfer Devices With Ease

Not only do you get to enjoy the power simplicity of having one phone number with VoIP Xchange One, but you also get the capability to swap devices effortlessly. Gone are the days where you have to hang up the phone and call a client back as you are transferring to or from your office phone. You can simply move the call to your preferred device at the push of a button — no disconnecting necessary. This enables you to seamlessly and continuously serve the needs of your clients and fellow coworkers without skipping beat or navigating complicated phone systems. VoIP Xchange One is built to be simple, save time, and save money. You can start using VoIP Xchange One in your business by contacting our team at VoIP Xchange 360 today!


Why Work With VoIP Xchange 360?

  • We’re a top-rated VoIP communications provider
  • All of our solutions are simple yet powerful
  • Save both time and money
  • Our communications solutions are customized to give your business everything it needs and nothing it doesn’t
  • You’ll enjoy a 99.99% uptime on our VoIP Xchange One and all other VoIP services

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VoIP Xchange 360

VoIP Xchange One is but one aspect of the many VoIP communications solutions that we offer our customers. We provide businesses with a wide variety of communications options because we believe that your VoIP system should customize itself to meet your business’ needs, not the other way around. Simplify your business, use more powerful solutions, and start saving money with VoIP Xchange 360 today.

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